Wood Floor Cleaning San Marcos, CA

Are Your Hardwood Floors dull & lifeless?

Carpets aren’t the only flooring that needs professional maintenance!

Hardwood floors become dull and dirty over time just like carpet, which is professionally cleaned to extend life. Super Mario’s Professional hardwood floor maintenance can dramatically improve the appearance of your wood floors and bring back their original luster.

Laminate Floor Cleaning San Marcos, CA

Laminate floors can give your home that in-demand hardwood look without the price tag. However, they can also be slippery.

Laminate floors become slippery when the floor surface becomes dirty or when you wax and polish them with products such Orange Glow, Murphy’s Oil, etc.

Slippery laminate floors can be very hazardous and the most affected are the elderly people resulting in serious injuries when they fall. Pets, those in wheelchairs and busy parents are also affected as this won’t allow efficient movement and work around the home.

Our Hardwood and Laminate Cleaning Process

  1. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care uses a commercial grade cleaning machine and cleaning solutions to successfully eliminate dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants that weaken hardwood and laminate floors and lead to costly repair.
  2. Our intensive cleaning process doesn’t just clean the surface like most systems and products; it extracts hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood and laminate floors. It also improves the indoor air quality and circulation plus it rejuvenates the floors and makes them safe and non-slippery.
  3. We use revolutionary water-based floor finishes and sealers to create beautiful wood floors with supreme durability. Basic Coatings innovative products are superior in quality and unsurpassed in performance when compared to other products.

Certified Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaning San Marcos, CA

  • There are hundreds of floor cleaning companies in San Marcos and the surrounding areas, but only a few come equipped with the experience and tools to handle hardwood and laminate flooring. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care is one of the few IICRC certified companies you can trust when it comes to retaining the beauty and aesthetic value of your wood and laminate floor.
  • Call us at 619-892-2077 or e-mail us at contact@supermariocarpetcleaning.com to get your free estimate today!