Office upholstery cleaning

Office furniture is often overlooked when cleaning. Yet it too plays an important role in the overall health of your facility, as well as your corporate image.

Typically office furniture is exposed to far more contaminates than the furniture in your home. It is most often constructed of synthetic fibers that are oleophilic - having a strong affinity for oils rather than water. These fibers actually attract and hold body oils. When left untreated, they oxidize and become a permanent part of the fiber, leaving a yellow or brown stain along the arm rest and chair back. The truth is most of the time spent in an office is in a chair. In that chair there are dead skin cells, bacteria, food and drink spills, and body oils that have accumulated, usually over years. This is not the clean image successful business wants to project.

Just like floor coverings, your textiles require regular maintenance. Chairs, couches, leather furniture, and cubicle panels are all easy targets for dirt and grime. Reupholstering and replacing are time-consuming and reduce production, along with the negative impact on your budget. It's never too late to begin extending the life of your business furnishings.

Super Mario Carpet Cleaning can help you create a positive company image by cleaning your office furniture on regular basis.