ne of the main reasons businesses will clean their carpet is when they see a couple of major stains. Let’s face it. That is not the kind of image that anyone wants to project on to their clients or their employees. But what happens if your carpet does not have any stains? Does that mean you should not have it cleaned?

Not necessarily. Carpets that appear visibly soiled should be cleaned but just because your carpet does not look dirty it doesn’t mean that it’s clean. Over normal use, adulterants like pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust – and hundreds of other chemicals make their way into your carpet. They come in from the air and then settle into your carpet. They are carried on the shoes of your building’s occupants and visitors. Allowed to remain in your carpet, these contaminants can wreak havoc on indoor allergy and reduce indoor air quality making it less healthy for everyone in your building, especially employees, clients or guests with allergies, asthma or other breathing problems.

You need to consider the health issues and indoor air quality related to pollutants in your carpet. Maintaining a clean work environment means your office will be healthier, leading to less employee absenteeism.

Furthermore, your carpet is a costly asset worth maintaining. Waiting too long to have your carpets cleaned means greater damage and shorter lifespan. Dirt, while it may seem innocuous, is incredibly abrasive on carpeting. Basically, dirt allowed to linger and collect on your carpets acts like a knife every time people walk on it, grinding the dirt into your carpeting, cutting and unnecessarily wearing carpet fibers.

Carpet that is not properly maintained will wear significantly faster, meaning you will have to replace this costly asset far sooner than had you cleaned the carpets regularly. And while vacuuming certainly help in regular carpet maintenance, it is not enough on its own. Also, most carpet warranties suggest a frequency of cleaning to keep carpets looking new longer and lasting to and beyond the suggested carpet lifespan.

So in order to nurture a positive image of your business, improve the health of your employees and save money on premature carpet replacement remember to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned on regular basis!